Rhode Island Drug Rehab Facilities and Programs

The residential treatment program is widely known as the most intensive form of addiction treatment program in Rhode Island, and rightfully so, because this program covers all elements of treatment into one single package. It begins with a detailed interview with the patient if the patient can speak coherently, or with the family members, and then continues with a detox program. The detox program used in the residential treatment program in Rhode Island is longer than the normal detox program for the reason that these patients are in much stronger an addiction than patients in other forms of treatment. Once the detox treatment is over, the patient is led into a very elaborate aftercare therapy that is conducted within the center itself and includes various means and ways in which the patient can be kept away from the re-addiction, including counseling for the family members.

The residential addiction treatment program is used mainly for people who are in the worst stages of addiction. These are the people who have probably tried other methods of addiction treatment in Rhode Island and failed, or these are people who have not tried any other form of treatment at all and have now reached at a very high point in their addiction. These could be people who are suffering from some mental issues of other problems of physical health which come in the way of their treatment, or these could be people who have been apprehended for some offense committed under the influence of a drug or alcohol addiction.

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