Planning an Intervention Program in Mississippi for Adolescent Alcohol Abuse?

July 6, 2008 · Print This Article

If there is a teenager in your family who is into alcohol abuse, the first thing you should remember is that you should not be worried. There are a lot of instances in Mississippi where the families have needed special counseling and care treatment for the distress that teenage alcohol abuse can cause. On the other hand, you must know that there are several centers handling teen alcohol abuse in Mississippi. All you have to do is to get in touch with a counselor on substance abuse treatment in Mississippi and they will be only to glad to lay out the options in front of you. They will also be able to tell you what kind of treatment center in Mississippi will be the best for your young family member and will also tell you how you can plan an intervention program.

Planning an intervention program in Mississippi for teenage alcohol abuse actually means guiding the teenager through the treatment. This involves a lot of things. The first step is to make the patient come over the denial process. For this, a group of about five to seven people from the family and friends of the person can get together and plan a session where they can collectively and individually motivate the person to get into treatment without actually intimidating the person. This can be rehearsed at the start.

If the person gets convinced, the further part of the treatment can be chalked out, which includes choosing a treatment center, collaborating with the treatment center for the treatment, participating in family counseling and then helping the patient to prevent a relapse.


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