Employer Intervention for Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma

June 15, 2008 · Print This Article

You will find that the employers are very enthusiastic about their employees’ drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Oklahoma. An indication of this is seen in the fact that there are many employer sponsored programs for alcoholism and substance abuse treatment in Oklahoma that go by the name of EAPs. The very presence of these Employer Assistance Programs indicate that the employers are keen on getting their employees back to sober living and in working with them constructively. That is the reason, employers are usually quite willing to participate in an intervention program in Oklahoma.

But not all of this is philanthropic. The employers are definitely getting good benefits by participating in such intervention programs. For one, they are able to get their employees treated out of their addictions. It is not good to fire employees because they get addicted to a substance, because it reflects poorly on the company’s turnout rate. At the same time, an employee walking out with classified information on the company is not good, even if he or she is currently too inebriated to divulge anything.

However, when employers participate in their employees’ drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Oklahoma, they are ensuring that these employees will continue working for them fruitfully and produce the best of their work. This will definitely increase the productivity of the company and the employee and his or her family would also remain loyal to the company because the employer had participated in their intervention.

The effect of an employer participating in intervention is definitely quite huge because a person can really be motivated to get into addiction treatment if he or she has the guarantee that they will be taken back into their existing job once they are treated and completely out of their addictions.


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